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Buying a Petrol Lawnmower – How to choose the right mower for you

Whatever type of lawn you have, Springtime is the time of year to consider how to keep it looking green and healthy. It’s in Spring time that the big garden chains like B&Q and Homebase will tempt you in with their TV adverts, trying to get you to part with your hard earned pounds. The Brits love their garden and the lawn is often the centrepiece of front and rear gardens up and down the land.

If your existing mower is due for an upgrade, then here’s the things to look for when buying a new lawnmower.

The first and obvious consideration is the size of the lawn. There’s two things to avoid here, buying a mower which is too big for your tiny lawn, and buying a small mower which is too small and underpowered for the size of lawn you have.

If you only have a small lawn, and lets define what small is by using the size of a tennis court for example.  A small lawn would considered to be half the size of a tennis court and such a size lawn could be mown with a manual, hand push mower or small electric mower.

A large lawn, would be considered to be around the size of a full size tennis court, in which case a larger electric, petrol or cordless mower would be more suitable. Each type of mower has their advantages and disadvantages, and these are detailed in the table below.

ElectricEasy to use, lower maintenanceTrailing wire
PetrolMore durable and powerfulMaintenance
Electric - CordlessNo trailing wire
Limited run time
Battery lifespans
Least powerful

The larger your lawn, then you should be looking at purchasing a powerful electric or petrol lawnmower, as these will offer larger cutting blades and more powerful motors than a cordless model.

Now let’s get into more details about the types of lawnmower on the market. In the table below, we describe each type of mower.

Mower TypeDescription
CylinderA cylinder mower has a rotating blade at the front the machine which cuts the grass in a similar way to how scissors operate.
RotaryThis is a popular type of mower these days. It has a spinning blade on the underside of the mower and the centrifugal force causes the cut grass to be deposited into the collection box.
Rotary mowers can cut right to the edge of the lawn, something that a cylinder mower will struggle with.
HoverHover mowers were invented by FlyMo and work in a similar way to a hovercraft. A cushion of air is created between the bottom of the mower and the grass to cause the mower to hover just above the surface. These are best suited to very flat lawns that don’t have any bumps or mounds to contend with.

The general rule we recommend when choosing a mower is to consider your lawn area. If your lawn is around 500-600 square metres then opt for a petrol power lawn mower. Also consider storage as petrol mowers will need more storage than an electric hover mower for example.

A beautiful mown lawn
Who doesn’t love the look and smell of freshly mown grass?

When the lawn cutting months arrive, you’ll be cutting your grass once a week to keep it short and prevent weeds from establishing themselves.

Another consideration is what to do with the grass cuttings. If you have a green waste recycling service in your area then grass cuttings can simply be disposed of using that. However, if disposing of your cuttings will pose you a problem, then consider a mower that has a mulching system built in. This will mean your cuttings, which contain essential nutrients, will be finely chopped up and spread out back on to the lawn as you mow.

Summing up

Hopefully we’ve given you some food for thought as to which mower would be right for you. If you would like read more about mowers currently available then take a look at the Best Petrol LawnMower site where you will find various mower reviews.…

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Gardening to deal with Anxiety

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Anxiety relief from the garden can originate from flowers, a stunning and enjoyable butterfly or an edible plant so you can appreciate nature’s bounty on your dunner plate.

Simply the act of cultivating a yard can be a tranquil as well as peaceful experience. Getting outdoors in the cozy sunshine and communing with nature by aiding plants to grow can be relaxing as well as a healthy way to workout.

Anyway, this is just a short post for now as I get the blog finished.…

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